was so excited


Thank you so much for all your help in making my son's cake dream come true....he was so excited about his cake and to put his monster trucks on it. He wanted to play with it too so I told him after we sung happy birthday and everyone got as much cake as they wanted, he could play with it. Since a lot of people didnt make the party due to the storm - there was plenty of cake to play with.....when i asked him his favorite part of his birthday - it was his cake! Thank you so much - so many compliments and I made sure to tell everyone where I got it!




 Michael Volz & Sister Diane Volz Tino are the grandchildren of Willy & Martha Rilling, children of George & Martha Rilling Volz.  We are the 3rd generation of Rilling's Bakery.


From Delicious Danish Pastries to Unique & Beautiful Wedding Cakes, we are a full service Bakery here to help you.


In 1981 our family opened it's first bakery outside of Philadelphia in the Davisville Shopping Center located on Route 132 at 868 East Street Road, Warminster Pa. Bucks County.  This is our only location.

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